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More Fathers Needed

God designed the home. Away with all the secular, worldly notions that over billions of years man and woman evolved and found a more efficient, effective means of existence which became the home and the nuclear family. In other words the modernist home formed out of convenience rather than design. As a matter of fact many who have advanced the above idea now (post modernists) say that new innovative evolution of the home is based on identity. Two men, one identifying as a woman can now come together and have children or so we’re told, and that is the new innovative process. Or two women, one choosing to identify as a male or not, can form a home which they may say is better. An appeal to science is made, but no such science exists. True science recognizes God’s successful design millennia old with man and a woman coming together to form a home (Gen. 2:24). All else is perversion and ultimately detrimental to society. Complete disregard for the precision of the Designer’s plan and will lead one to be eternally lost (I Cor. 6:9-11).

Over the past couple of decades, educators working with troubled youth have been clearly saying the problem is at home and with the male influence or lack thereof. The number one response that I get from these educators working in the trenches is that society is suffering greatly from the lack of fathers. There are a lot of “baby daddies” but few fathers. This has produced dysfunctional homes, troubled schools, and an unstable society which is being realized more and more. Many can bring children into the world, but it seems few are willing to invest the time and effort to be a father providing leadership and stability in the home. One of the most important functions of a man, husband, and father is to train his children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4).

The home needs godly fathers. The church needs godly fathers and the world needs godly fathers. As has always been the case, when men and women think they know better than God trouble surely ensues. How presumptuous to think that the created knows better than the Creator (Psa. 19:13; Isa. 45:9). It all starts in the home. It is there that respect is learned, responsibility is taught, and order established. No doubt that is why the home was the first of God’s institutions on earth. It is the home which forms the building block of society. “As the family goes, so goes the nation” is a familiar and truthful saying. Without the home properly established in society, countries will never rise to their potential. It is sad that even as wicked as Joseph Stalin was in Russia, he and the communist leaders around him believed that homes should be strong for the good of the state. Atheistic communists seemed to understand the design better than many today. Where did they get such understanding? From ages of evidence collected from history proving God’s design successful and right. The father will answer someday for his home—his responsibility. Fathers are to set the direction and the rules, and the mother is law enforcement (Prov. 6:20).

Despite the constant barrage of criticism, condemnation and perversions, Christians must continue to teach, develop, and support God’s plan for the home. If Christians will not stand on this fundamental truth, no one else will. The husband and father must do his job or he robs the world of great value that could have been. Oftentimes children forced to grow up without a father become angry and feel robbed. It is in this situation they will often lash out at the world, crying out as those who have been cheated of what was rightfully theirs. Being a father is not kid’s stuff! It is for grown-ups and that is sometimes the problem—the husband and father has not grown up, or is unwilling to accept his responsibility. This is very sad and forces the wife and mother to try to fill the void, a void she was not primarily designed to fill.

The church needs good fathers who will set the course of instruction in the family, stand firm for that which is right, lead in good works and good judgment and be a Christian gentleman. A godly father is priceless in value and has the power to set a good course for future generations. More fathers are needed! To all Christian fathers, Happy Father’s Day, and thank you for your great contribution!

David Hill


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