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Renewed Awareness

Have you really paid attention to the world around you? Life is filled with responsibilities and it’s easy to fall comfortably into a routine without really noticing changes around you. To some degree this day-to-day comfort of duty and schedule is natural. Really understanding the world and times takes work. For the Christian it is important to evangelism and faithful service.

The late Claude Carr said many years ago when giving to help build the Tennessee Bible College building, that he had prayed for years, but now he was “going to put legs on his prayers.” When observing the world around, it can be discouraging. One may pray about it and should, but to effect a change for the good, it takes work. Pray for understanding, the power in prayer—great power, divine power—that will never be fully appreciated in this world. No doubt about the power of prayer, but understand as has been said, “work like it all depends on you.” James taught the practitioner’s side of Christianity (James 2). Prayer, faith, and works go together. Pray for opportunities to lead another to Christ, then look for those with whom you may share the gospel.

Understanding the demonic culture (James 3:15) around you will help to be prepared to contend with it (Jude 3). The devil is real and at his destructive work all the time. While it seems that he has no new tricks, it is evident he doesn’t need any more. Men and women continue to fall for the same old lusts (I John 2:16). This is where understanding of God’s word is so important (II Tim. 2:15). “Christians are conquerers - more than conquerers, winners do not act like losers” observed brother Weylan Deaver. Understanding the reality of the world about us with a working knowledge of the word of God gives direction in what one ought to do.

With awareness, maybe for some a renewed awareness, one through faith in the Truth will be ready willing and able to teach others. Our world is in desperate need of evangelism, but everyone should understand its not an easy task. Evangelizing the world begins with one—me [you]. Buildings won’t convert souls, entertainment doesn’t convert souls to Christ, but a pure, dedicated heart sincerely seeking good and honest hearts to teach will bring sheaves to Christ. All the worldly accolades will mean nothing at the appearing of Christ in the end. The only thing that will matter then is whether “I appear with Him” said brother Larry Acuff in his effort to renew focus on that which is most important (I Pet. 1:7).

It all comes down to awareness. How do we stand individually in the eyes of God? Does that have something to do with the world around us? Yes, we are not to be conformed to it (Rom. 12:1-2). How will you know if you’ve conformed or been transformed unless you have an awareness of the times? Unless we be transformed by Christ, we’ll not lead others to Him. Ultimately, all will give an account before Christ (II Cor. 5:10) of the things done in the fleshly body. Better to have a renewed awareness now than then when it will be too late.

David Hill

Northeast Church of Christ, March 3, 2024 bulletin

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