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Sometimes the things of today seem so sure. A successful business, established families, celebrity fame and fortune all seem so sure for the moment. A few quick questions [answer from memory not from your smartphone]: Who was the 21st President of the United States? The top celebrity of 1933? Can you name your great, great, great, great, great grandfather on your mother’s side? Who was the wealthiest person in the world in 1956?

You see worldly things are transient and fleeting (Ecc. 2:16), yet often we get so caught up in them, we can’t see the eternal. It was the Lord who taught raising our vision and seeing the value of laying up treasures in Heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupt and thieves cannot break through and steal (Matt. 6:19). Hard to comprehend with finite mind that which is eternal.

God’s word is sure. It is settled in Heaven (Psalm 119:89). Mankind has played and continues to play around with the word of God, seeking to conform it to man’s ways, but while that may mislead many here, it does not change one iota of God’s word. His word is established in Heaven where sinful man cannot corrupt it. Ever thought about the heavenly beings [angels] and their view of God and His word? It is established, and I venture that they know it to be established. They best not attempt tampering with it. In our world where political pressure influences a court decision, where respect of persons can influence one’s view of morality, immorality and punishment for immorality, perhaps it’s difficult to imagine the gravity of God’s word being sure. Some day all will know exactly what it means (Rom. 14:11).

Jesus said build your house on the rock (Matt. 7:24-27). Why? Because a spiritual house built on the Rock is a house that is settled and will endure the storms of life. Note, He did not teach no storms for His followers, but taught to build to endure that which will come. Sometimes Christians become discouraged from the storms of life and wonder: why? Remember, dear friend, in this world storms will come, but in the land of fadeless day, God has prepared a place that we all desire, no storms, no death, no sorrow or crying (Rev. 21:4). That is settled!

How do your investments look for the year? Have you invested well in the secure bank of Heaven, or are you piddling with the unsettled things of this world? Now is the time to evaluate while you have time and opportunity for a day comes when it is too late. No changes can be made from the grave. Invest now in that which is sure, that which is settled.

David Hill

Northeast Church of Christ, January 28, 2024 Bulletin


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