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To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not To Be

The ongoing question ever since my first quarter at Tennessee Bible College was, “What direction do I need to take, Lord?”  In the beginning all I knew was I wanted to grow and serve God since there is no hope outside of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It was within these confines that I began attending Northeast Church of Christ.  How thankful I am for God allowing me the opportunity to grow with you all these past 6-7 years! You have been my rock ever since obeying the gospel May 30, 2017 and have continued to be crucial in me winning the fight against nearly 20 years of alcohol and drug use.  The love you have shown me and my family has also continued to be a great factor in me deciding to preach the gospel.  With that said, I’m thankful to announce I will be able to utilize the Bible knowledge I’ve so gracefully received from both Northeast and TBC.  I want to thank the eldership from the bottom of my heart for having confidence and trust in my ability to preach and teach the gospel.  You all at Northeast have helped make it possible for me to grow in my knowledge of God’s Word and be able to be a caretaker to my parents and father to Ethen.  One of my wishes is that the late brother Paul Wilmoth would have been able to see some of the fruit of his many hours of sitting next to me proclaiming God’s Word. Outside of my dad, brother Paul became like a father to me.  My prayer is that I will always seek the old paths which I’ve been taught at Northeast by many of you either by word and/or deed and that I can commit this glorious gospel to others (II Tim. 2:2).  As a young preacher my prayer is that I will always heed the words of the apostle Paul to Timothy.

 May I always remember to exalt God and not self (I Tim. 4:10)

  • May I always remember to expound and declare the whole counsel of God (Acts. 20:27; I Tim. 4:11; II Tim. 4:2)

  • May I always be an example of Christ to others (I Tim. 4:12)

  • May I always encourage the brethren (I Tim. 4:13)

  • May I always examine my ways (I Tim. 4:14, 16; II Tim. 1:6; 3:14)

 May I also always remember that God will not leave me alone or unaided in this task (I Pet. 1:21; Matt. 28:18-20).  God’s word will always be sufficient for all things that pertain to life and godliness and to make the Christian complete (II Pet. 1:3; II Tim. 3:16-17).  Lord willing, I look forward to a great year at Northeast and may everything be to the glory of God!

Clark Sims

Northeast Church of Christ, January 21, 2024


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