Mike Wheeler

Opening Prayer

a.m. - Kaleb Collins
p.m. - Adam Farris

Those to Serve
October 31, 2021

Read Scripture

a.m. - Brock Ealey (Psalm 119:73-80)
p.m. - Jay Settles (Psalm 119:81-88)

Closing Prayer

a.m. - James Strong
p.m. - Steve Hatcher

Preside at the Lord's Table

Andy Cobb
Mike Wheeler

Serve the Congregation

James Irby
Greg Strong
Jason Sisco
Mark Farris
Steve Hatcher
Tree Williams

Count Contribution

Tree Williams
Troy Dickens


Tim Cavender
Troy Dickens

Communion Ware Care

Mike & Joy Wheeler

Song Leaders

Sunday School - Barry Wilmoth
Worship a.m. - Justin Newell
Worship p.m. - Greg Strong
Wednesday - Barry Wilmoth

Welcoming Committee

Door 1 - Tim & Margie Cavender
Door 2 - Shirley Wilmoth
Door 3 - Barbara Pike
Door 4 - Josh & Cassandra Palmer
Door 5 - Kathleen Gilpatrick

A/V Operator

Josh Palmer

Van Driver

Greg Strong 239.7721